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- A group of Howard students at Homecoming (circa. 1930?)

If you attend one of the following — Howard, Hampton, Morehouse, Spelman, XULA, Tuskegee, or Fisk — you most likely know of the term “Black Ivy League.” And upon hearing it, unless you’re an elitist, you probably spend your time dispelling the notion that your institution aspires to be anything like an Ivy League.

I mean, unlike the Harvard(s), Yale(s), Brown(s), and Princeton(s) of the world, your historically Black college or university (HBCU) did not have a hand in slavery.

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- Black voters in Columbia, August 1948 (Courtesy of The Conversation)

The United States of America is 244 years in the making. In these 244 years, the country has witnessed a lot — the enslavement of Black Americans, the rigid caste system that was based upon it, the genocide of indigenous peoples, a pandemic, apartheid and another pandemic. There have been elections where, if the vote fell one way or another, the freedom to live, and to know that you have agency as a human being, was at stake. …


Joseph Sturgeon III

I study American History at Howard University. I like to write sometimes.

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